Sunday, January 27, 2008

FRS Antioxidant Energy Drink

FRS plus (Free Radical Scavenger) is a powerful antioxidant energy drink that provides a great energy boost without the big "CRASH" later.

Independent study** shows 45.5% less fatigue, 35.6% less work frustration, and 24% better focus. Try FRS Free*! **Durak,Bell May 05

FRS contains green tea extracts. Green Tea contains powerful antioxidants called catechins. Catechins have been studied extensively and are much stronger than vitamin C.
FRS also contains quercetin. Quercetin is naturally occuring antioxidant found in several foods such as apples and cranberries. Quercetin is also a natural anit-inflammatory and anti-histimine and is a great protector for all cells.

FRS is unique patented formula powered by Quercetin, a potent antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables. Get a FRS Free Trial!*

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